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elephant song
Student s dancing to elephant song

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Elephant Song

When the sun has gone low
Copperplating the scenery
I hear the chatter of african women
At rivers with their water calabashes
Long bare breasts undulating like pendulums
Toddlers giggling and sucking their mothers' breasts
Hung like neckties from their mothers' shoulders

In the beautiful glare of sunset
Deep in the paradise of Africa
Whistles the elephant song
A baboon sentinel a mere silhouette on a rock
Guards against thronging bayonets
The sunbird darts on tree tops to sing lovely sonnets
The bushman hunter with his poisoned arrow dances
To the tune of elephant song
No time to rest but hunts all night long
The long burst of AK rifle sounds, bong!!
The wildbeasts stunned by gunfire fall apart
The paradise of Africa suddenly
Turned into Soddom and Gommorrah
The elephant specie threatened to extinction
Hunted for its tusks without restriction


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